IRON to ALU: our world is getting bigger

It is a very important moment in our history: our world is getting bigger and with it, the challenges and our desire to grow. We are proud to present IRON, a range of gearboxes that extends our solutions to new applications where even better performance is needed.

From today we are able to achieve a torque of 3500 Nm with a range of products Made in Italy, from design through to production. These products are complementary to the ones that have been and continue to be such a success for us.

These products, the aluminium gearboxes you know so well, will now be referred to as the ALU range, and they will go hand in hand with our new IRON range.

Together they form a full line that takes into account the needs of the end customer and the dealer, who will be able to benefit from the flexible nature of the entire production process, meaning we can satisfy customer requests in shorter turnaround times, reducing warehouse stocks.

The IRON and ALU ranges each have their own catalogues. Click below to download.


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