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The Poultry&PigTecno gear motors range has been specifically designed for farm equipment. Gear motors have been made up by combining AC electric motors and single stage helical motor reduction gearboxes with aluminum housing.
A low cost solution , with a high degree of customization . A wide selection of input/output flanges and shafts is available in order to satisfy customers specific demands.



SolarTecno is a product line dedicated to the movement of solar trackers and concentrators, made up of solar panels or concentrator panels. The slew ring which supports and moves the mobile part is driven by Transtecno gearmotors. The motors we recommend are either three phase or single phase AC motors or 12/24V DC motors from the EC range. Both can be combined with the FT146 shaft mounted gear drive. Planetary gearmotors from the P or ECP range, worm gearmotors with prestage from the CMP or ECMP range along with all the other solutions on our website are also available.

Solar Tecno


Car –WashTecno is a product line dedicated to car-wash systems. The two motor reduction gearboxes ranges that make up this line are the wormgearbox CWT050/CWTS050 and the small helical gearbox CMG002. Both gearbox ranges are ideal for use in car wash equipment. The CWT050/CWTS050 have been designed and produced to move the brushes (horizontally and vertically) in the car wash and the helical reduction gearbox is used to move the brushes that clean the vehicles wheels.

Car-Wash Equipment Solutions Catalogue

Car-Wash Tecno


The FireTecno range has been designed for the biomass (pellet, corn, etc) boiler sector in the renewable energy field. There are 4 types of motor reduction gearboxes and 3 types of motors available in the FireTecno range, all varying in performance and dimensions. To complete the range we ALU series gearboxes.


Fire Tecno

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