Every Flat Chain feeding system has its Lift

Every poultry house needs to raise its flat chain feeding system line in a fully automatic manner.
This is why our technical division has developed a special solution for automatic lifting, up and down, of the flat chain line (or large, similar loads). This solution is already greatly appreciated on the market.

It is a combined worm gearmotor with rotary limit switch, selected and composed according to the specific application needs and in this case, much more complex than the standard. This is why it is not a solution included in the catalogue; our technical engineers are available for its development.

Motoriduttore combinato con TORThe modular nature of the Transtecno gearmotors means it is possible to develop a perfectly specialised solution according to the reference system.

The solution illustrated can be with or without hoist, which makes it possible to halve the necessary torque. The brake too is an element to be considered; it is not necessary for slow movements, while faster movement will require the use of a brake.

It is obvious therefore, that each Flat Chain will require its own movement, for optimised lifting and an efficient system.

Contact us for more information on the subject; our technical engineers are at your disposal.

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