SM Electric Motor, AC motors that think out of the box

The innovative AC motors of the SM series feature three characteristics that leave a deep mark in the traditional production of AC motors on the market. The markets asks us for them, application needs impose it.

Motors with power between 0.025 and 2.2 kW, single-phase and three-phase supply at 50-60 Hz. The available sizes range from 50 to 90.

AC, DC and BLDC geared motors. Three types of motorisation systems that allow us to maintain high flexibility and significant ability to meet market needs.

AC Electric Motors from a Different Point of View

The same market that day after day, application after application, led us to manufacture the SM series, a new series of AC motors that leave a deep mark on the market and allow us to look at AC motors also from another perspective.

The series of SM induction motors has several major technical characteristics. Three of them are particularly appreciated by the market and are used successfully also on cross sectors.

Smaller Dimensions than Usual

People are used to see the traditional rounded shape of AC motors. With the SM series we broke this rule and introduced to the market a square series that could remind of a BLDC motor.

There is considerable saving of space and, under the same performance conditions, the geared motor takes significantly less space, providing an advantage in terms of design of the entire machine/plant.

The following image illustrates well this characteristic: the overall dimensions are less in many areas, on all sides, in the terminal blocks all the way to the length of the actual motor.

reduced dimensions

IP66 Protection

A terminal block cover that is compact and essential, with seals, O-ring and cable gland.

Front and back shield designed for excellent interior protection through radial seal rings, O-rings and closed fastening holes.

These are the technical features introduced during the design stage that allowed meeting the IP66 certification requirements for these AC motors.

Magnetic Sheet Steel for Higher Performance

We have planned the use of magnetic sheet steel type M800-50 A (IE1) and M400-50 A (IE3). This feature grants to the SM motor superior performance respect to traditional motors, with consequent and clear benefits.

Other Electrical Characteristics

In addition to the power ranging between 0.025 and 2.2 kW, the AC electric motors of the SM line feature 2, 4 and 6 poles, with single-phase and three-phase supply at 50-60 Hz. They are suitable for inverter use and in addition feature:

  • Bimetal PTO thermal protection
  • Insulation class F
  • EC, UL/CSA certification

Other mechanical characteristics

The casing is in extruded aluminium alloy (EN AW-6060 T5) with black anodised surface and the flange is B14. In addition, these motors are available in the following versions:

  • TENV and TEFC
  • Self-breaking, force-ventilated and with Encoder

An integral part of the MINITECNO small geared motors line

The small geared motors of the MINITECNO line combine gears of various types to DC, AC and BLDC electric motors.

AC motors are part of the SM line and available in 50, 56 and 63 size. Here is the technical catalogue dedicated to these three motors. In addition, all the sections of AC geared motors with SM motors are available.

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