Car-WashTecno: every solution for car wash equipment

Car-WashTecno is our range of speed reducers to meet car wash equipment movement needs.

The new catalogue includes an overview of all the solutions developed for the industry. For gantry car washes, we offer solutions to turn and move the brushes used to wash bodywork and wheels. We can offer various solutions for use inside tunnel washes, where they pull the vehicle along the cleaning process. Again, lots of solutions for all the movements articulated inside the Tunnel, starting from the washing brushes, through to the dryer vents.

As well as CWT speed reducers, developed specifically for the industry and used to move the brushes, you will also find CM-CL speed reducers, CMG helical in-line speed reducers, FT helical parallel speed reducers, and ITB bevel helical speed reducers. All available in stock. And last but by no means least, you will also find the new RR/CM-CMB combined speed reducers, recently developed in conjunction with Reggiana Riduttori, which, together with Transtecno forms the POWER TRANSMISSIONS DIVISION of the Interpump Group. An excellent combination for movements requiring even higher performance levels.

SM motors with IP66 protection rating perfectly meet the needs of the industry. But that’s not all. There are so many solutions available to guarantee suitable water protection:

  • On request, the speed reducers surfaces are available with black anodized finish.
  • Stainless steel shaft for excellent tightness in outdoor operating conditions (available on request)
  • Washdown cover with black anodized surface, captive fasteners and o-ring. All this guarantees better protection for the gearbox
  • Plastic PP cover, resistant to UV rays. The type of material and the rubber seal ring block the entry of dust or water into the gearbox.

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