Why did you become dealers?

Transmissions Aquitaine (France) is the latest to become MASTER Dealer. The latest of the 19 which, over a very short period, were able to appreciate our products and join our project.

There are many reasons for this “affection” and difficult to weigh up; beyond some obvious technical and commercial factors, we can see great merit in three motives.

The market is not blinkered

We are aware that the market needs to be taken for what it is, studied and listened to. We try to do this on a daily basis, monitoring the needs and trends in the industry.

The benefits are also perceived by our dealers, who first and foremost, receive ideas and tips before products.

Ideas and solutions

Ideas, though, are not enough. They are important, but they need to be supported by action. Our gearboxes make it possible to reduce stock, increase offers, customise offers, and optimise costs. These are all actions that satisfy customers, i.e., solutions.

We stand behind what we do

We do our utmost to satisfy our customers, when it comes to products and service. And if anything should go wrong, then we do our best to solve the problem. It seems simple enough, but it isn’t, and customers are well aware of this.

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