SV Altera, historic partner

SV Altera is a TecnoMaster assembly centre, as well as historic partner, in the Ukraine

The main characteristic of SV Altera is the attention and services it provides to the end customer, a philosophy that is shared fully by Transtecno. To confirm this, the coverage in place for the whole area, with Sales Offices in all regions, as well as a constant presence at trade fairs for the industry.

Ukraine is one of the nations of the ex-Soviet Union, and heavy industry has always played an important role in its economy. For some years, there has been ongoing diversification, in line with other European nations.

In 2012, SV Altera began to use the production line especially developed for assembly of the CMG helical inline gearmotor. This initial investment led to other assembly lines for gearmotors, including the IRON cast iron gearboxes.

SV Altera and Marco Rafanelli

Marco Rafanelli, Area Manager: “SV Altera makes full use of the excellent advantages offered by the modular ranges ALU and IRON. The results are obvious, with turnover growing and a wide-scale presence throughout the area, together with just in time delivery from the warehouse for all gearmotors. We have an excellent relationship with Sergei and all of our friends in the Ukraine (they are coming to visit again in October), and we are really satisfied with the results.”