Right-angle gear drives: some examples of applications

The DZ right-angle gear drives find wide fields of application, thanks to the high possibility of customizing the product according to the specific needs of the customer.

In the world of packaging, different types of machines and systems find solutions in right-angle gear drives; as well as conveyor belts, of different types and sizes, in different industrial sectors.

There is often a reference even in less industrial contexts, such as for swimming pool or truck covers. In this case, customization takes on a particular role, and allows to optimize the right-angle gear drive to obtain perfect handling.

Customization is also fundamental in the automotive sector. We have developed ad hoc applications in different contexts, for vehicles on land or at sea.

We ensure our solutions with right-angle gear drives the highest quality of the materials used and high precision mechanical processing. Together with the high customization, these features allow us to range in many sectors and application contexts. Those listed are just a few examples.

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