New Limit Switch – TOR18-N

The rotary limit switch is a device which allows you to control the movement of industrial machines. The solution for breeding and handling in greenhouses.

The improvement features

The improvement features introduced in the new Transtecno TOR limit switch:

  • New available ratios i = 5 ÷ 700
  • Aluminium housing and input flange to guarantee more strength to the limit switch
  • Grey plastic cover in order to avoid electrocution
  • Two available covers: one is higher for the 3 or 4 contacts version and the other is shorter for the 2 contacts version
  • Quick coupling system with all the Transtecno wormgearboxes
  • Versions with potentiometer available as well
  • IP66

Limit switch application fields

  1. Vasistas, air inlet, rapid doors, windbreak curtains, windows, tunnel doors
  2. Lifting feeders, drinking troughs, flat chain lines
  3. Nests doors


Limit Switch TOR


The new limit switches are not interchangeable with the previous models; therefore they will not be able to be coupled with the relative output shaft and combination shafts. For more information and technical support, please contact our sales department

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