Transtecno got the prize of 2015 innovation award at PTC

On October 29th, during the last PTC Asia in Shanghai, Transtecno got the prize of “2015 innovation award in the field of power electronics and motor drives” for IRON gearboxes.

IRON gearboxes

IRON range gearboxes include ITH(helical), ITB(bevel helical) and ITS(shaft mounted gearboxes) ranges, each contains 3 sizes and torque range from 900 to 3500Nm, applying to the market requiring high output torque. ITH and ITS gearbox have 2 stages transmission and 3 stages transmission, while ITB is only 3 stages transmission. IRON is designed to adopt the most commonly used standard dimension and can be easily exchanged with the similar products from competitors.

IRON will be supplying the logistics, textile and leather, marble processing, glass production and processing, pottery, steel production, communication system, plastic & rubber production, theatre, energy, medical & chemical and other machinery trade requiring higher output torque.

Innovation Award, that’s why

Richard Shou, the general manager of Hangzhou Transtecno Power Transmission Co., Ltd, gave an acceptance speech during the ceremony. ”HTC could win this prize due to the trust from the entire market.

It also showed that Transtecno made a big progress in the past 8 years. We will continuously stick on the concept of customer-oriented, insisting for a long-time micro-innovation and creating values for the industrial chain ”.