An increasingly complete range of forced-ventilation motors

The new forced-ventilation motors are currently in production and our range of motors is becoming bigger.

Manufacturing these electric motors is another important step forward in creating an exhaustive range, the SM series, which combines unique construction features with characteristics and configurations that are in high demand from plant and machinery manufacturers.

Forced-ventilation motors are widely used on the market and are particularly recommended for heavy-duty use, where a motor runs for lengthy periods of time in thermal overload conditions,

This is the case, for example, of motor speeds adjusted to below the rated level by means of inverter. In this case, instead of the traditional cooling fan, an electric fan is applied, which is powered at the same voltage as the electric motor.

The AC motors from the SM series have unique features: more compact sizes, on all sides, in the terminal box and through to the length of the motor itself. And they are fitted with magnetic sheet for superior performance.

All other things being equal, the version with the forced ventilation is with 230V fan power for both single- and three-phase motors.

Both single- and three-phase forced ventilation motors, in both 0.18 kW and 1.5 kW versions are available in stock. Lower and higher power models are available for minimum orders.

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