Drummotors & More Ltd is now a MASTER

A further 500m2 dedicated entirely to Transtecno gearboxes and gearmotors. Drummotors & More Ltd, a UK company based near Leicester, has recently made its latest step to become a MASTER Distributor.

This 500m2 equates to a huge sales force, adding value to the British market today and into the future.
We are very excited by this collaboration, which for over 10 years has evolved into a solid partnership based on trust, service and quality.

The Company distributes gearmotors in UK

Mr. Richard Bradford and Drummotors are the most recent partners to have backed the MASTER distribution model, set up and developed by Transtecno. They now have access to components and an assembly centre enabling the market to be supplied with the entire range of Transtecno gearmotors, from wormgears to the three IRON models.


Mr. Richard Bradford: “We chose to become a MASTER Distributor as a result of a detailed business plan which offered us enormous potential. As a MASTER Distributor we can take full advantage of the module design common to Transtecno gearmotors, allowing us to better serve the market and optimize our investment.

We are already reaping the rewards, we are really satisfied”.

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