7 reasons why KFT105 is the gearmotor of the future

Now we know with absolute certainty that in biomass or coal-powered boilers, moving from worm gearboxes to helical parallel gearmotors is inevitable. Trade fair after trade fair, customer after customer, from all over the world and in every market, we have seen a growing interest in our KFT105.

Austria and Germany have been using the advantages of helical parallel gearmotors for some time. The transformation process is already underway in many other countries, and many important names have moved on to the KFT105.

Gearmotor of the future

The 7 main features of the KFT105 which make this a truly precious piece of equipment are the very same that make it the gearmotor of the future:

  1. Silent operation. The compact solution reduces the single-phase motor vibrations to a minimum.
  2. Energy savings. The helical parallel gearmotor has twice the efficiency of a worm gearbox. This means using less energy and being able to equip the gearmotor with half the power.
  3. No static friction. Static friction on a worm gearbox means that a higher starting torque is needed. Since the KFT105 is a gearmotor, it does not have this problem and therefore, it can provide maximum torque from the start.
  4. Compact size. The “L” shape is perfect for fitting on an auger. The size has been reduced to a minimum.
  5. Wide range of ratios. Ratios from =20.57 up to i=929.40; this provides slow speeds, even with a 4-pole motor.
  6. Availability of different power levels. 25W, 40W, 60W, 90W and 120 W.
  7. Safety devices. A PTO heat probe, which is essential to preserve the life of the motor.

Used in many applications

The KFT gearmotor, thanks to all of these features, can be used in many applications in the industry: auger to load fuel (pellets, chips, coal), turbulator movement, ash conveying during cleaning.

KFT is a flexible, efficient, high-performance gearmotor, which is why we feel that when it comes to biomass boilers, this is the gearmotor of the future.

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