The BLD07-IT drive is the new and updated version of the previous BLD07. Built on a new PCB, features and functionality have been implemented, where previously could only be achieved with higher power drive. The result is to have a more versatile drive and to ‘cutting edge, which can be customized, or controlled via the field bus (CAN Open optional).

Summary data

  • Bidirectional regenerative operation
  • Single supply DC voltage
  • 3 diagnostic Leds (State and Alarms)
  • Protections for: Over/Under voltage,
  • Over current, Hall missing
  • Ixt motor current protection
  • Power and signals extractable connectors
  • Analog speed command 0 + 10Vdc and PWM
  • 4 Digital inputs – optoisolated
  • 2 NPN - fault drive and running frequency
  • Acceleration adjustment

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