Worm gear boxes from the CM series and AC electric motors are used to make these gear motors. The CM is one of Transtecno’s most widespread gear boxes and is available in 10 sizes, from CM026 to CM130, made extremely versatile using different input and output kits for worm gear boxes. The technical characteristics are shown below, and it is also possible to download the catalog of worm gear boxes and to consult the 2D -3D models from this range. The form to ask for information can be completed in just a few seconds and is found at the bottom of the page.

Summary data

  • Die-cast aluminum housing on sizes 026, 030, 040, 050, 063, 070, 075, 090 and 110. Cast iron housing on size 130
  • Double taper roller bearing on sizes 090, 110 and 130
  • Die-cast aluminum housing on pre-stage units

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