Transtecno China Honored “Legendary Figure and Classic Product”

January 12, 2017 witnessed the opening of two-day “China Manufacturing 2025” International Forum for Entrepreneurs at Landmark Towers Hotel, Beijing. Encouraged by new horizons, big transformation and powerful supplies, outstanding entrepreneurs got together to discuss new orientation for China manufacturing.

Chinese manufacturing industry

Richard Shou, the General Manager of Hangzhou Transtecno, was also invited to attend this forum and involved in the presidential dialogue interaction with decision makers of other companies on the topic of “Manufacturing Mode Transformation”.

The Forum also granted four awards to the “Legendary Figure”, “Outstanding Enterprise”, “Classic Product” and “Model Plant”. The most important award “Legendary Figure” is granted to show respect for entrepreneurs who have been making unselfish contributions to growth of Chinese manufacturing industry for 20 years. Shou Bingyan, General Manager of Hangzhou Transtecno Power Transmissions Co., Ltd, was also honored with the award.

As a manager for the company that develops and produces universal gear motors, he especially attaches importance to R&D and quality with his enthusiasm for innovation.

Besides this honor, Transtecno CM worm gearbox was also awarded as “Classic Product” for the 20th Anniversary of Modern Manufacture Innovation Drive. Transtecno CM series gearbox can be installed in any location. CM026-CM110 housing is made by die casting with aluminum alloy, which is reliably strong and rigid with such advantages as light weight, delicate appearance and excellent heat radiation.

“Legendary Figure and Classic Product”

Due to the features with highly modular design, various input and output flanges are provided to satisfy different demands of customers. As universal classic product of the drive industry, it deserves to have this award.

Mr. Shou said, “So long as we truly concern the demand of clients, the manufacturing industry is promising”.

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