The SM range now includes new brake motors

To complete the range of SM AC electric motors with IP66 protection, as well as forced ventilation, we are now also manufacturing new brake motors.

Brake motors are widely used in different types of industrial applications: from lifting to rotary tables. The main benefit from the brake action is that it keeps the motor shaft locked and as a result, makes irreversible any gearbox connected to it that might otherwise be reversible. For applications where, if there is no power, the position reached must be maintained, this condition is essential.

Compact design and IP66 protection 

Although the SM motors are equipped with brake, they still have the same characteristics of compactness and reduced dimensions that are typical of other motors in the range. The characteristic square shape makes it possible to save space but at the same level of performance, compared to the classic round shapes of AC motors.

The cutting-edge design of the SM range also has the advantage that the protection grade of the whole motor remains unchanged. Unlike classic motors, where the presence of a brake inevitably causes a downgrade, the presence of seals, such as oil seals and O-rings, provide a high level of protection against dust and liquids. SM brake motors are available in the standard version, with IP65 or IP66 protection grade in all sizes.

The high degree of customisation is another specific feature of SM brake motors: it is in fact possible to request a brake with or without release lever, with separate power – for example, in case of use with inverter – and with UL/CSA certification, compliant to North American safety requirements.

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