New SM motors catalogue

The new catalogue for SM AC motors is finally online!

The SM motor design stands out for several key design elements:

  • Compact size
  • Magnetic sheet steel
  • PTO fitted as standard (on all motors, except MEC50)
  • Phase barriers for use with standard frequency converters on all three-phase motors from the SM range (except MEC50)
  • More power thanks to the use of boxes specifically designed by Transtecno
  • IP66 protection (limited to IP65 for some parking brake equipment and to IP44 for the servo fan option only)
  • Version for US and Canadian markets (UL-CSA certification)
  • Single-phase motors with symmetrical winding, for quick and easy direction reversal

The materials are sourced form Italian suppliers, near the central headquarters of Transtecno, where the main production line is located. This gives us constant control of quality throughout the production cycle, and validation of inspections. This is all to guarantee the quality of a product to use with our gearmotors, but also for independent supplies.

In the new catalogue you can find all of the technical data for the whole SM range: standardwith brake, with forced-ventilation, and with UL/CSA certificationDownload it now!

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