5 reasons to choose the new Cover Kit with Coupling

The new Cover Kit with Coupling for CMG helical in-line gearmotors and CMB helical bevel gearmotors is finally available. With just one type of cover it is now possible to couple the gearbox to all types of motors: IEC and Nema, AC, DC and BLDC.
The solution consists of two half-couplings made of steel with a synthetic, elastic element interposed between them. The motor-side half-coupling is in fact a clamping device which allows the motion transmission without the key being applied on the motor shaft.
Thanks to the new Cover Kit, Transtecno Distributors can choose to have only one type of cover in stock to cope with all possible motor combinations.

Advantages of the Cover Kit

5 main advantages:

  • Greater flexibility for Distributors and Assembly Centers in setting up the gearbox motor connection: by replacing only the motor-side half-coupling and the PAM flange, you can obtain all the coupling combinations provided in the catalogue, starting from a single Cover Kit.
  • Possibility of using brushless motors even without key, exploiting their potential to the maximum. In fact, accelerations, decelerations and even sudden reversals of the direction of motion are allowed.

kit cover coupling

  • Total elimination of contact oxidation, called “tribocorrosion”, which tends to weld the motor shaft to the rigid connection sleeve; removing the motor from the gearbox even after a few months of operation can be very difficult in the classic sleeve configuration; with this new solution it is always possible, and in a very simple way.
  • Significant reduction of the operating temperatures of the gearbox in the motor connection area, guaranteeing greater reliability and duration of the lubricating elements (sealing rings).
  • Thanks to a thorough study carried out at a project level, the new Cover Kit with Coupling allows you to maintain the same overall dimensions of the gearbox as the ones provided in the catalogue.

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